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Gamerz Truck delivers onsite activities that draw your family closer together through play.

Gamerz Truck's mobile video game theater pulls up to your house, park, or campus for some serious onsite fun. Game Coaches help get everyone into the games, and our wide range of video games means there is something for everyone.

Gamerz Truck outdoor laser tag equipment can transform your yard into a challenging laser tag arena. Team-based missions get everyone working together. Super accurate equipment means players can tag each other from up to 300 feet away! Equipment training, setup, and breakdown is all included. Your Game Coach will even referee your event to keep it fair and fun.

If you are looking for an awesome experience for your next family reunion, Gamerz Truck can help you reconnect through play!


Add the latest in high-tech video game technology to your event. With titles that appeal to all ages and tastes, a Gamerz Truck video party can make your family reunion one for the ages.

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