Your Contract is due upon receiving your follow-up email in reference to pay a 50% deposit or Full. You are responsible for completing the   Full Amount of your active Invoice 7 Days before your event. Return to your confiemail to complete payment.  We reserve on a first come first serve basis and it is possible at times that person has received a contract at the same time. However, we may contact you immediately to adjust your booking for our travel time. The first to place a deposit or pay in full will be approved/reserved first. 6 & Under are not allowed in the Gamerz Truck, LLC or to be a participant with our Gamerz Laser Tag, LLC. A 6-Year-Old is not allowed to be on the Game Truck alone at all. One warning will be given for the 6-Year-Old being left alone. 6-Year-Olds are not allowed to hold or touch any equipment that's is owned by Gamerz Truck, LLC. No exceptions at all will a 6-7-Year-Old and below operate/handle a Laser Tagger owned by Gamerz Truck, LLC.

You are responsible for ensuring that we can pull in to your neighborhood and park either in your driveway or in front of your home. All vehicles must be removed! When we arrive if vehicles are prohibiting us from beginning your event, Your TIME begins as you're moving vehicles. If you live in a  Cul-De-Sac  all cars must be moved in order for us to turn. We will not add time back onto your event for the vehicles prohibiting us from parking. We ask that all vehicles are removed from in front of your party residence, you’re held responsible for cars blocking our entrance. When the Game Truck/Laser Tag arrives & if cars are obstructing us from parking your time begins at that point for that reason alone.