About Us


As a Veteran lead business, we believe in Loyalty, Integrity, and Respect for our clients. David Ricks III has served 22 years in the Army. Serving in many military campaigns.


Gamerz Truck brings the Ultimate Gaming and Laser Tag experience right to your front door! Our luxury, limo-style theater on wheels features 7 widescreen high-definition TVs, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, surround sound, colored LED lighting, Mobile Game Theater under glow lighting, Satellite and DVD viewing, and multiplayer gaming excitement! 28 can play at the same time with room for more on our stadium seating! We have all the latest titles!

Imagine your favorite video game right in your backyard, office, church, or school. We bring the “combat” action to Kentucky! Our Game Coach/Referee sets up the playing field, instructs players for “battle” and runs the party! You relax…and your home stays clean!

With the most high-tech laser tag system featuring Battle Company Battle Rifle Pros, an all-in-one solution for live gaming attraction. We specialize in both indoor and outdoor gameplay with several game modes such as TDM, Capture the Flag, Domination, Infection, and more.


Planning a Summer or Winter Party? We are climate controlled! Our Game Coach will make sure the kids have a blast and the parents get a break! If you're looking for party ideas for a teen party, a kid's birthday party, a bachelor party, an adult get-together, or a church or school party, go with us! You'll be glad you did! Bring our party place to your place! We also have an outside Shadow Box with gaming for 8 more! That's a total of 32! We are the ultimate in party fun for anyone that likes video games or just trying something new!