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VR Goggles
VR Goggles
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Tired of throwing the same old birthday party? Looking for a Kentucky  birthday party idea that makes you a hero, while making their special day easier on you? GAMERZ TRCUK’ Video Game Party™ and Laser Tag provides the ultimate no stress – no mess birthday party experience!

We will make your next birthday party special, whether for a kid, or for a kid at heart.

Your birthday boy or girl will be thrilled beyond compare when our 32’ limousine styled video game theater rolls up to your residence! Inside our Mobile Video Game Theater, we provide comfortable stadium seating for up to 28 with high tech video and audio, and 28 kids can simultaneously play games at our eight game stations.


Our mobile game theater is climate controlled, so we’re ready to party year round!  Our Virtual Reality Gaming Station lets you get in the game, with VR headset and controls that will immerse you in the action!

Worried about video game ratings? Don’t! We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. When you book your party, you select games for your guests. You don’t need to worry or compromise; it’s our policy.

Our trained staff knows how to keep the fun and excitement moving. If you are concerned about the number of kids in attendance, don’t be! We understand how to rotate our guests at different intervals so everyone has a great time. Typically a two-hour party is well suited for 28 or fewer kids. Have a larger party? Ask us, and we’ll let you know options to ensure an awesome event!

We’re available in and around the Kentucky  area and were the idea that will bring fun to your next birthday party


Online Gaming, Wi-Fi, and Guaranteed Wi-Fi Disclaimer Online gaming services provided do not include any multiplayer gaming requiring Xbox Live Gold or PS+ subscriptions. Guaranteed Wi-Fi only guarantees internet connectivity provided by the customer via the customer’s in-home internet modem. Gamerz Truck, LLC is not responsible for updates, patches, or server issues, and will not refund any money due to patches or updates required to play ANY games during the paid event. In addition, sometimes developer servers are extremely busy and Gamerz Truck DOES NOT guarantee access to said servers. Gamerz Truck, LLC will do its best to provide online gaming whenever possible, however, in the event that updates or patches are required for a game to be played, or a game’s servers have connectivity issues regardless of the internet connection strength, Gamerz Truck, LLC will NOT refund any money to the customer. Gamerz Truck, LLC provides a library of plenty of other games for guests to choose from which DO NOT require ANY internet connection.

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